Youth Bible Study

Sunday School at 8:30 am every Sunday. All ages are welcome.

Wednesday Warrior meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall. All ages are welcome.

Youth Bible Study

Youth will meet at 10:45 am in Pastor Jessica's office. During the first meeting, you’ll get a packet of what we’ll study in the coming months; this school year, we’ll study the women of the Old Testament. The stories of these women are very inspiriting and courageous, taking huge risks to follow God. Each meeting, we’ll look at fun facts behind these women to gain insight into their lives. Then we’ll have questions to reflect and think about what was read. Parents and family members can also use these questions to talk with youth about the Bible story or finding grit and grace in their own lives. We’ll then look at our Bibles, where some women only have a sentence or two and some have a whole book. Finally, we’ll end with something we can talk to God about – an easy want to get into the habit of prayer. My favorite reason to study the Bible is that God gave it to us to be wrestled with and wondered about. Some things are really hard to believe or make much sense – we all have questions and this study encourages us to think of big, hard questions we take to God – he wants us to be curious and questioning, gritty and graceful.

We’ll meet either the 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month September through May at 11:00am:

Sunday, September 8th: Eve

Sunday, October 6th: Hagar

Sunday, November 3rd:  Leah

Sunday, December 8th: Miriam

Sunday, January 5th: Rahab

Sunday, February 2nd: Deborah

Sunday, March 1st: Hannah

Sunday, April 5th: Naomi and Ruth

Sunday, May 3rd : Queen Esther