Organizational Structure

First Presbyterian Church of Grimes Organizational Structure

Teaching Elder –  (the church pastor) is responsible for preaching, pastoral Care, and General oversight of the congregation.

Session – Together with the pastor, the Session spiritual leadership for the church. The Session is responsible for setting policies for the church and for overseeing operations of the church. Session is made up nine members. Every year, three members of the general congregation are nominated by the nominating committee to serve a three year term as a member of the Session. These nominations and any others from the floor are presented to the congregation for a vote at a congregational meeting.

Deacons – assist with pastoral care, providing a ministry of compassion to the members of our church and community who are in need. Seven ordained Deacons now serve our church and community. The Deacons are to be individually commissioned by the Session. Deacons work under the supervision of the Session.

Standing Committees – A session member is appointed as chair of each of the ten committees that are charged with the detailed operation of their respective areas of authority. Other Session members and Deacons are assigned to one of the committees. Any other interested member from the general congregation is also encouraged to serve on the committee of their choice. Those with an interest in one of these areas, please speak to the chairperson of the committee.

Committee                   Responsibility                       Chairperson

Building & Grounds – Repair and maintenance of physical structures, etc.. Chairperson: Keith Workman

Christian Education – Oversight of the educational programs of the congregation: Sunday School, Vacation Bible school, Community Youth, etc..  Chairperson: Melodee Grefe

Communications  – Chairperson: Robbin McClelland

Christian Nurture – Member care, Fellowship, etc..     Chairperson: Linda Wong

Memorial – Oversight of funds given to the Church.       Chairperson: Curt Klyn

Mission & Evangelism – Outreach, evangelism, Selecting missions to support, etc.   Chairperson: Jane Altman

Nominating – Recruit and pray for those God calls to serve on Session. Chairperson: Melodee Grefe

Personnel – Hiring, salary negotiation and management, benefits package management, etc.   Chairperson: Bev Boyd

Stewardship & Finance – Stewardship Drive, Budget Management, Fund management, etc.        Chairperson:                           Curt Klyn

Technology – Web site, Office computers, Audio and  Video equipment, etc.    Chairperson: Curt Klyn

Worship – All phases of worship services and sacraments, management of sanctuary, etc.   Chairperson: Jacie Smith


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