Adult Sunday School

We will meet at 8:30 AM Sunday morning in Fellowship Hall.

Adult Bible Study

The Adult Bible Study will start a long, in-depth study of the Bible. A workbook will be out on the table outside the office. It includes in-depth questions and readings for each day. There’s also a format and questions for our time together. There are also items marked if your only have time to read one passage and a few questions. Below you’ll find our Adult Bible Study schedule:

  • Week 1 Wednesday, Sept 18th
    • We’ll look at the CREATION story in Genesis 1-2.
    • We’ll learn that disciples belong to God, and that God has claim on them.
  • Week 2 Wednesday, Sept 25th
    • We’ll look at events of Genesis 3 in which SIN enters the world.
    • We’ll learn that disciples acknowledge their rebellion, accept responsibility for their sin, and repent