We are a people of faith, called by Christ to share God's Good News in today's active world.

Who Are We?

A Community where People matter to God and One Another

A young man named Ken* came to youth group with his friend, whose family were members of the church.  No one in Ken's family went to church, but our ministry team made sure Ken had rides to events and worship, as well as encouragement, or whatever he needed to feel part of our group.  Soon he came on mission trips and other youth outings.  And when it came time for his friend to go through confirmation, Ken wanted to grow in his faith and be confirmed also. As Ken knelt to be baptized during worship on Confirmation Sunday, we looked around at his classmates, his Elder mentor, other session members, his parents, and the church community.  All these faithful witnesses attested to God's gracious love and hospitality, which they had extended to Ken.  As the water ran down his face and onto his clothes, the church proclaimed how valuable Ken was to the body of Christ.  Worshippers clapped after he was confirmed and joined him and the other confirmands at a reception after worship. I was privileged to be a part of this special time in Ken's life, when God's invisible grace was made visible in a new believer's life.  It was also an opportunity for the church to reflect on the practice of hospitality and spiritual formation.  Confirmation is one of the most important times in a believer's life and in the life of the church.  It is rewarding and humbling to witness God at work in young people and see authentic servant leadership modeled in our church leaders and church family.  (*name has been changed)

A Community where People Grow and Serve
We are renewed by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. They joyfully celebrate the reality of God’s presence from everyday activities to the chaos of life events; they expect the Holy Spirit to move through worship, service, meetings, and meals. Christ-centered programs and community provide a catalyst for spiritual formation. The church is called to share the hope she has in Jesus Christ, the unconditional love of God, and the creative power of the Holy Spirit. Members are involved and invested in the church and demonstrate a dynamic relationship with Christ. All this is reflected in the joy and enthusiasm they show toward one another, church staff, and community. They are compassionate and demonstrate hospitality as they represent a viable presence in the church and community, where they form friendships and partnerships.